About Rocksquad Computers
Rocksquad (RSQ) Computers was founded as a low-cost service with partial community involvement by James Rocks and his daughter, Cassie.

RSQ Assistance James is an experienced IT desktop and server support specialist with nearly 30 years' experience in the IT industry. He is qualified to MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), VCP (VMWare Certified Professional), ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and PRINCE2 Project Management. Whilst James has significant exposure to alternate operating systems (primarily Linux and, to a much lesser degree, Apple), his expertise lies firmly in Windows OS arena and is an experienced server, desktop and applications support engineer. James also has some experience of repairing & configuring mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Over the course of his career he has frequently supported friends and family with respect to their computers but is aware that there were times he was not easily able to do so. In such situations, his friends and family have sought other assistance from people doing home computer support and he has become aware that the quality of the support provided was often poor with the engineers in question sometimes leaving their clients in a worse state than when they arrived. Based on the feedback he has received and some of the tales he has heard, believes he could offer far superior support and at significantly lower cost to his customers.

Rocksquad (RSQ) Computers is based around a community philosophy, aiming to provide support via a series of free PC Clinics, Facebook, the Rocksquad website and its associated discussion forums. Through these agencies RSQ hopes to offer help and guidance to Faversham and the surrounding area community and so minimise the need for direct intervention i.e. work at client sites or on systems delivered to RSQ premises.

In the event that direct work is required, RSQ hopes to provide low-cost, quality services by the following means:

  • Evaluation: Formal evaluation of the work required is an essential part of any support agreement and will form the basis of any agreement made between RSQ and a customer. Evaluations will typically be carried on RSQ premises for free, with the client delivering the system for testing. Alternatively, RSQ can carry out evaluation work (for a low fee) onsite at the client's home/premises. Evaluations will detail the required hardware, software and time required to undertake the work and RSQ's aim is to provide evaluations/updates within 24 hours of that first site visit or receipt of the system/s.
  • An Estimate: All evaluations will result in an estimate for the work to be carried out. Estimates are free, any work carried out will be based on that estimate and no charged additional work will be carried out without customer approval.
  • Work: RSQ aims to complete all work in a timely, professional and courteous manner with a guarantee that the perceived issues will be solved and, if not, no labour fees charged. Automated work/tests (burn-ins, virus scans, copying, other parts of upgrades etc.) where the machine is running without intervention will be charged at a significantly lower rate.
  • A Receipt: On completion of the work as agreed (according to the estimate) the customer will be provided with a full account of the work carried out, broken down into hardware, software and labour.
Rocksquad Computers (RSQ) is a Faversham based company offering high quality web design services and IT support to home & small business users.

RSQ's mission is to design & build custom websites, support client IT problems, ensure problems are properly evaluated and, once work is agreed, commit to no further charges without client approval. In that respect, RSQ aims to leave the client with a full solution.

RSQ was founded by James Rocks, a Microsoft Certified System's Engineer with over 30 years of experience supporting Windows.


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