RSQ Builds
Rocksquad (RSQ) Computers can help you by building you a new system, one that perfectly fits your needs. If you're a gamer the most important thing is a decent graphics card, sure a high-spec processor helps but the graphics card is important. If all you need to do is send a few emails, surf the web or write the occasional document than your demands will be less. RSQ can advise on design, performance configurations and much more to meet your specific needs. RSQ Builds/Rebuilds
  • Hardware
  • Physical components & OS
  • Application (free or licensed)
  • Peripherals and other external devices
  • Data transfer from old system (or backup) to new

RSQ Upgrades
Rocksquad (RSQ) Computers can advise you as to the most appropriate path to a faster, more powerful computer or one with additional capabilities. We can advise on whether those upgrades are truly necessary, offer general system advice, can upgrade your system's memory (including the related swap file configuration etc.), hard drives (as well as data recovery, transfer & possible rebuild), video cards (advice, installation & configuration) and peripherals such as monitors, scanners, mice, keyboards & printers etc. We can even fully replace motherboards and CPUs though it is worth bearing in mind that can seriously affect other components. RSQ Assistance Our service includes advice, installation and configuration of:

  • Hardware (including CPU, motherboard & memory)
  • Software (applications both free and licensed)
  • Recovery services (data transfer)
Rocksquad Computers (RSQ) is a Faversham based company offering high quality web design services and IT support to home & small business users.

RSQ's mission is to design & build custom websites, support client IT problems, ensure problems are properly evaluated and, once work is agreed, commit to no further charges without client approval. In that respect, RSQ aims to leave the client with a full solution.

RSQ was founded by James Rocks, a Microsoft Certified System's Engineer with over 30 years of experience supporting Windows.


Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
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