RSQ Repairs
Rocksquad (RSQ) Computers can repair general PC faults, assessing whether your system needs a rebuild, remedial work or just a system clean-up. We check software and hardware and will advise on, install & configure new peripherals as required. We can critically assess systems in relation to their use and advise on whether upgrades are needed and are always aware that the best path might not be the most obvious or expensive one. RSQ Repairs RSQ Computers can repair computers in respect of:

  • PC Repair & troubleshooting
  • Hardware replacement recommendation, installation and configuration.

RSQ Rebuilds
We can rebuild almost any PC or laptop, at the same time as upgrading your system if that is what is required or as a result of a catastrophic system crash. RSQ will always advise installing Windows 10 but can install other variants as required ... naturally we caution against both XP and Vista for security and compatibility reasons. We can also install many different variants (distros) of Linux in either sole or dual boot configurations with Windows. Whether building anew or rebuilding we can also take care of data transfers form older systems.

Our service includes advice, installation and configuration of:

  • Hardware
  • Physical components & OS
  • Application (free or licensed)
  • Peripherals and other external devices
  • Data transfer from old system (or backup) to new
Rocksquad Computers (RSQ) is a Faversham based company offering high quality web design services and IT support to home & small business users.

RSQ's mission is to design & build custom websites, support client IT problems, ensure problems are properly evaluated and, once work is agreed, commit to no further charges without client approval. In that respect, RSQ aims to leave the client with a full solution.

RSQ was founded by James Rocks, a Microsoft Certified System's Engineer with over 30 years of experience supporting Windows.


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