RSQ Services
Rocksquad (RSQ) Computers can help you with general configuration and problem solving for your PC. We can offer password assistance across your various devices as well as advise how to deal with potential hacks into your systems. We can clean up most systems following a virus infection or extract your data prior to a system rebuild if that is the preferred course of action. RSQ Assistance Please note that we are not able to offer assistance (such as regular backups) with systems that have been infected by cryptolocker type viruses but we can offer advice as to how to avoid infection and protect your data so that you can recover quickly should your systems become affected. RSQ Computers can help you with PCs, Notebooks, Tablets and Phones, we have expertise in networking and linking devices generally. We can also offer advice on ergonomic issues relating to computer use.

The specific services we offer are:
  • Assistance (PC technical support)
  • Repairs & Upgrades (Software & Hardware Advice & Installation)
  • Builds & Rebuilds
  • Website Design
In adition, RSQ Computers can assist in the following areas:

  • PC tutoring
  • System security reviews
  • Networking
  • Operating system updates
  • Anti-virus installation & removal
Rocksquad Computers (RSQ) is a Faversham based company offering high quality web design services and IT support to home & small business users.

RSQ's mission is to design & build custom websites, support client IT problems, ensure problems are properly evaluated and, once work is agreed, commit to no further charges without client approval. In that respect, RSQ aims to leave the client with a full solution.

RSQ was founded by James Rocks, a Microsoft Certified System's Engineer with over 30 years of experience supporting Windows.


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